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Amphibious Splash Tour Salzburg

The „Amphibious Splash Tour Salzburg“ belongs to the Salzburg Highlights group. The implementation of another tourist attraction in Salzburg began in 2012. Several journeys to many countries followed, yet the results were at first not at all satisfactory due to the high expectations of the operator.

Therefore, as it was the case with the motor ship “Amadeus Salzburg”, specifically-designed construction in collaboration with several European companies was deemed to be the best solution. This path was subsequently taken with great zeal.

The technical challenges were enormous, especially due to the fact that the operator wanted to install 3 engines in what is a rather small Amphibian bus: 1 engine for the road, and 2 independently operating engines for use in the water. The vehicle is composed of carbon fiber because of the heavy weight implied.

After more than 4 years of planning, designing and building, the Amphibian vehicle was finally finished in autumn 2016.

The vehicle can accommodate 26 people. The maximum speed is 8.5 knots.

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